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Allowing the Energy to Flow

As the shamanic radio begins to work, you and each part of you, are now an element in a larger circuit, a circuit which flows from "out there" and returns to "out there" but which also has an inner flow. The energy flows in spirals through your shamanic circle and is the raw stuff out of which the invocation will be performed, taking shape in some form of transmission. But if the energy gets blocked along the way, the spirals stop and the transmission is aborted. So we must make sure that the flow continues through the blocks that will inevitable occur.

The basic task here is twofold: to identify the blocks as they occur and to surpass them somehow, without destroying the invocation in the process. This requires a lot of sublety and imagination. There can be no firm rules as to how to do this. Sometimes a sudden catastrophic change will push the energy through the block but sometimes that sudden change will bring the whole process to a grinding halt! Other times a subtle alteration in direction will maneuver the energy around the block, but the block may be too stubborn for such subtlety...

Solo Work

The only way to truly learn this is to be a part of a group, and ultimately, a group will have to be formed in order for the shamanic radio to come into existence. But if at this time you have no group and you need to begin this process on your own, the basic elements of this challenge can still be grasped through solo experiments that will give you a foothold into the territory that lies ahead. In order to work in this area on your own, we will explore further a "solo circuit" that we have already explored in other experiments. Your group will exist in the fourth dimension: time. There will be seven of you: one for each day of the week. "Monday You", "Tuesday You", etc. You don't have to use the days of the week for names, in fact it would be a nice twist to give each "you" a very particular name, but do make sure that you know which day of the week goes with each you. This four dimensional group will form the basis for several experiments that will help you to explore you abilities and enhance them.

Now we will begin to form this four dimensional group in much the same way that a three dimensional group is formed: by calling roll.

Solo Experiment 1: Calling Roll

  1. Begin on Monday. Set aside a few minutes in the morning, before your "day" actually begins, to do this small experiment.
  2. Stand quietly in front of the mirror. Establish contact with your image in the mirror. Vision diffused and attention centered.
  3. Say out loud to the image. "Monday _____ " (your name replaces the blank or the whole address is replaced by the specific name that you have selected for "monday you"), are you present?"
  4. Allow the image to answer: "I am Monday ______ and I am present"
  5. Repeat this simple process a total of three times then stop. Take a few breaths and the experiment is finished.
  6. Repeat the same process each morning with each "you" that is going to be invoked. Do this for one to three weeks, then proceed to the next experiment.

Solo Experiment 2: Being silent and being loud

  1. Begin on Monday. Stand in front of the mirror and breathe quietly as you establish contact with "Monday You". When you ascertain that you have contact, sing a loud "DO". Make sure to maintain the contact as you sing.

  2. On Tuesday follow the same process but sing a medium volume "RE".

  3. On Wednesday follow the same process but sing a soft "MI". Now, while still maintining contact, use the same energy that you used for singing and be simply quiet. The silence should be palpitating with the same amount of energy as the singing.

  4. On Thursday sing a loud "FA". After singing say quietly to the mirror, "I am Thursday Me and I am reborn out of the ashes of what was lost on Wednesday."

  5. On Friday sing a medium volume "SOL".

  6. On Saturday sing a soft "LA".

  7. On Sunday sing a barely audible "SI". After singing say quietly to the mirror, the other "you": "I am now ready to die. I will leave quietly and silently. Someone else will be here tomorrow." Then manifest 10 solid minutes of silence... intense and pregnant silence.

Repeat the whole cycle for 3 to 7 weeks.
Can you hear the others singing? Can you feel your place in the circle? Can you be quiet when it's time to be quiet and loud when it's time to be loud?

Group Work

Experiment 1

  1. Stand in a circle, each one with hands down at your sides.

  2. Start music that will last approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

  3. Everyone closes their eyes and listens to the music for a space of time.

  4. When one of you feels the time is right, move your left hand and rhythmically touch the right hand of the person standing to your left.

  5. The one on the left takes the energy, allowing it to rhythmically flow through and then releases it to the left by touching the person to the left.

  6. Allow the energy to flow in this way through the circle, trying to maintain a rhythmic relation to the music as much as possible.

  7. When the music stops everyone takes 3 deep breaths and keeps their eyes closed for a short space of time.


Allowing the energy to flow – Any block stops the whole circuit

Any part of the circuit can stop its flow, when you feel the flow waning start a new proposal and push it through, being conscious of the precense of the energy and your relationship to its flow, connecting with others means letting go of yourself, being ridiculous is good for you!



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