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  This book offers a very practical way to explore and experiment with aspects of reality and of the self that have been open to only a few initiates in the past.  It has been designed to allow the practitioner to go as deep and as high as they want to with safety and gentleness.  Also, the book provides ways of doing this without the need to recurr to nasty tricks like guru worshipping, cult seductions, authoritarianism, dogmas, nationalism, racism, elitism, brain washing, taking all of your money, hate, bombing poor countries, anal probings, etc.  In fact, this book can be a blueprint for many other experiments of your own.  Some of the experiments are equivalent to mapped explorations of your own consciousness, or of the real world where you belong.  Some other stuff in the book are more like the finger exercises a pianist uses to keep and improve technique.  They won't constitute concert hall performances in themselves, but by practicing them you can get to the point where you can actually play what you want.

Now, we'll share with you some ideas about how you can begin to create larger masterpieces.

Organize a Dream Circle for Men Dressed as Women

There are several lines of ancient work where women get together around the world and hold what is known as a "Dream Circle".  In some cases, men are not allowed.  Which is why some guys with identity issues, which means they do not hold on to a fix and immutable idea of who they are but rather have chosen to flux through inner postures and self conceptions pretty much like you would if you were trapped inside a cosmic totem pole and were forced to move up and down the pole as your only entertainment by sliding through the different forms by the only means possible which is to adopt the form of the container in which you currently reside at least until the next time when you decide to slide up or down again and begin to adopt the next form in the totem pole which in a way would feel like going through different topics in a narrative where different symbols such as .,;:"/&() indicate pauses and transitional periods and being a woman pretty much entitled you to flow at a much greated degree of speed and adaptation because you could easily put aside the need to include such brackets and symbols that traditionally divide the ways of being represented by the totem animals not like men who many times feel the need to know where they stand and what their options are and how they can mark their territory or at least play the game so they can come ahead and etcétera etcétera and of course etcétera, came up with the idea of dressing up as women to be allowed to participate. 

Let me rephrase that.   In order to participate in a game that only women are allowed to play, dreaming men had to find a way to play it too.  However, the way in which the game is played is not identical to the women's dream circle.  Here is how is played by real men dressed as women.

The men congregated must dress as women.  Of course, some women in today's society dress with trousers, men's suits, parkas, sari's, men's underwear, socks, t-shirts, pijamas, three-piece suits, etc.   So, external outwear does not fully determine to a casual observer if you are dressed "as a man" or "as a woman".  Also, when people are told that to come to the Real Men Dress as Women Dream Circle "dressed as women", it is not clear exactly what that means.  Consider the following. 

  1. "Dressed as women" could mean that you put on clothing that women wear, but as we said at the beginning of this paragraph, women nowadays dress in all kinds of ways--including traditional men's clothing.  So, you could interpret this as meaning that you could come in any kind of apparel that women would wear; including your own clothes.  Of course, if you wear your own or any other man's clothing you still must wear them "as a woman would."  That should be clear enough for you.
  2. "Dressed as women" could also mean that you should be dressed as more than one woman.  Does that mean you need to wear what two women would wear, or that your style of dressing should reflect the sythesized style of more than one woman?  You decide.
  3. "Dressed as women" could at the same time mean not that the clothes they wear must also be worn by other females, but that the act of getting dresses is similar to the maner in which women put their clothes on.  In that case, like in #1 above, you could conceivably done your own garments as long as you imitate a woman in the process of putting on your clothes.

"Real men" is also subject to many interpretations.  On the one hand, it could refer to what society calls men: Homo Sapiens who would be reasonably expected to have a penis (or at least have had one at birth).  It could also mean a man who has taken an evolutionary leap from a regular man to a real man (you decide what that would entail).  On the other hand, you could take the position that while the gender of a person might be outwardly female, her inner being is correspondingly male (because of the Hermetic Law of  Correspondence).  In this case, a "real man" would be a female who has taken her soul, pulled it out and covered herself with it.  In this regard, the whole requirement could then refer to a male human who has made his exterior a reflexion of his soul, dressing up as a woman does.

The point of this project is to organize a gathering where any of the interpretations of "Real Men dressed as women" can congregate for this Dream Circle. The process of the dream circle is simple to follow. As with many experiments described in this book, the process itself is like a pattern that can be followed to create something. Whatever is created from the pattern is often unpredictable and sometimes surprising--just like any game that children play by setting up the ground rules, in which the actual development of the game is creative and fresh because it is approached with the attitude of following the pattern as a way of creating the game, not as the game itself.

Once the group gets together, everyone sits in a circle where incense and tenuous candle light enhance the atmospheric effect.  The dream circle invocation begins by someone in the group telling a dream.  The dream should be narrated without the need for explanation, just the facts, Ma'am.  Please, do not bore anyone else with your interpretations, conjectures, and philosophical musings.  It doesn't matter what the dream means nor how it can be made to make sense.  You just start the dream.   You can stop the narrative at any point, even if you are not at the very end of the dream.  The person sitting to your left picks it up from where you left by relating a dream of her own.  And so it goes, around and around the circle.  After a while, a certain momentum could be gathered such that there is no longer a need to go around in order.  Once it becomes clear that the narrative is the dream of a being whose components are the individuals of the circle, that there is something else doing the dreaming and the telling of the dreaming, then it's time to let go and simply speak up when the spirit moves you.


The Alternative Views Radio Show


This is an example of a Radio Free Clear Light experiment applied to an everyday activity, out in the real world:


“Most of the voices you hear on the radio today offer a political or religious point of view.  They are dedicated to a “reality agenda”.  We, on the other hand, bring to you “Alternative Views”, a program dedicated to the analysis of events outside of what others with a fixed agenda are creating.  We do not pretend to bring the truth to you.  Truth is for you to realize by yourself.  We have different approaches to reality, and different ways to think about an issue.   Furthermore, your voice is added and incorporated into our own, creating a synergistic panorama of reality that is ever expanding, changing, evolving, and self-initiated.  In most radio programs, you listen to the firm opinions of someone, and then hear people call in to agree or disagree.  The host reinforces his or her view with the help of those who agree and takes a stance against those who disagree.  In “Alternative Views”, you are part of the creation of the program.  Each caller is like a musician playing a part in an improvisational piece.  Where can we get with this?  What can we do?   Tune in to Alternative Views and we will manifest, together, new visions of reality.”



The Big Game


Another good example of the application of Radio Free Clear Light on a large scale project is the Children of the Secret Bio-Computer Game.

Etiyeh, the obscure game designer decided to create the biggest role playing computer game.  The game code itself is so complex that it cannot be played on any existing digital computer or console.  It can only be played, in its full version, on a computer with enough hardware to be able to represent—recreate, rather—a true to life three-dimensional world.  In fact, according to some Chisers, the game itself feels much more real and complex than the real world.


Some claims have been heard in high level Chiser circles that Etiyeh himself created the bio-computer where the game resides.  Others believe he only created the user interface and the game code, and then made it work with the pre-existing bio-computer.  They also believe the bio-computer itself was created long ago by an unknown other or something.  It’s really hard to dispel the intricate web of rumor, facts, allegories, and speculation surrounding the origin of the game, and its creator seems to have vanished from all contact with the world.  Only in the game can he be contacted and even this seems to be hard and considered and accomplishment by Chisers.


This game is a clear manifestation of a Radio Free Clear Light experiment.  In fact, the game is itself a fertile ground where many experiments can be undertaken.   



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