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Clearing the emotional center

One of the problems that plague our current radio transistors is an overload of electricity in some centers; which might cause fuses to blow up or static to affect other parts of the radio. Something like that happens in our bodies as well when the energy from one center overcharges and radiates excessively to other parts. The emotional center is often affected this way. Some of us carry too much energy from the mental center and “feel” their emotions with their mind. They have become too used to channel everything through their mental constructs that different emotions are processed through them. In other cases, strong currents of excess energy are channeled through our kinetic system; causing us to associate “emotions” with heat in our face, increased blood pressure, a lump in the throat, a stomach ache, etc.

Clearing the emotional center has to do with allowing emotions to flow and radiate through its natural channels, and also to avoid charges from other centers to overheat and negatively affect the emotional center.

Experiment I

  1. Put either the Journey to Alpha or the Shaman Music disk on your CD Player.
  2. Sit in front of a painting or sculpture. You can also sit in front of a mirror.
  3. Fix your eyes in one point of the work of art, or between your eyes in the mirror.
  4. Now, diffuse your vision, expanding it so that you are aware of the figure in front of you at the same time that you are aware of the edges of your field of vision. It is like having everything in front of you be part of a flat movie screen.
  5. While keeping the vision diffused, place your attention on your heart chackra, looking at the figure in front of you with a diffused vision at the same time your attention sits on the center of your chest.
  6. When you are done, vow to the figure in front with gratitude for what just transpired.
  7. Get up.

Experiment 2

  1. Find something that aggravates you to no end... maybe a particular TV Show, a newspaper columnist, a movie... your choice!
  2. Now watch or read the input that you picked and watch your inner reactions to it. Allow yourself to react, don't repress or in any way contradict what is your normal response to this input.
  3. Once you feel the anger or agravation raising in you, stand up and raise your arms to shoulder level.
  4. Very slowly, allow the anger to turn you in a clockwise direction. Very slowly.
  5. As you start to move in this clockwise direction, with your arms outstretched, let the anger be your fuel for the movement. As you feel the anger increase, the speed should increase. If the anger is leaving, then you should slow down.
  6. When the anger is completely gone, come to a complete standstill and breathe deeply for a few minutes.


We all have things we like to do when we get anxious, depressed, worried, etc. Some of us get an urge. Next time you feel one, just feel it. It could be that you feel like shopping, having an ice cream, going to the movies, calling someone, take a nap, play, scream, fight, etc. No matter what it is, just feel the urge. Sit somewhere, and say to the urge: “Ok, let me welcome you. Come to me. Let me feel you as much as I can.” Sit with that feeling without doing anything to alleviate it. Sit with it until it blooms like a flower and disappears.




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