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Electrical Essentials

The first objective as an individual is identical to the first objective as a group: to arrange the elements in a functioning and harmonic structure that will allow for a constant and slowly increasing flow of energy. If the elements are not in place, the flow will not occur. If the elements are in place, but the flow is too sudden or too strong it may burn out the apparatus. (Some initial signs of this can be anxiety, uncontrolled anger, uncontrolled sexual drive, objectless feeling of dread, etc.) It is crucial that one start very slowly, and continue to increase the amount of energy one is working with at a very slow but steady pace. This will assure that you can practice and manage to control the voltage before it explodes uncontrollably. At the start you may be impatient to feel higher levels of energy quickly. If it is at all possible avoid this tendency. Otherwise try it a couple of times, then come back and read this paragraph again.

Experiment: Time Connections 1 - The Short Poem

This experiment can last several weeks, months or even years. The first time you do it, make a firm commitmet for 3 weeks, no more and no less. The experiment takes up very little time each day since the crux of it is in the connection between spaces over different times.

  1. Day 1- Start by writing on a piece of paper: "By the end of this week I will write a short poem."
    Now you will take a dictionary and open it up at random a total of 7 times. Each time you open it point with your eyes closed at a word. Then open your eyes, and write down the word that you find yourself pointing to.
    Now, on the same sheet of paper write down "Tomorrow I will write the first sentence".
  2. Day 2- Write down two of the words and form a sentence with them. Don't worry about the "sense" that it makes. If anything, try to feel its rhythm and sound.
    Now on the same sheet of paper write down: "Tomorrow I will write a second sentence."
  3. Day 3- Take another two words and write down a second sentence with them.
    Now on the same sheet of paper write down: "The day after tomorrow I will write the second sentence."
  4. Day 4- You will take out the piece of paper with the 7 words and the two sentences and you will read them out loud. You may make brief corrections to them, based purely on their SOUND and not on their meaning.
  5. Day 5- Take another two words and write down a second sentence with them.
    Now on the same sheet of paper write down: "Tomorrow I will write the title"
  6. Day 6- Take the one remaining word and use it to create the title of the short poem.
    Now on the same sheet of paper write down: "Tomorrow I will finish the poem."
  7. Day 7- Read the whole poem out loud and make any final corrections that seem necessary (or none at all, if the poem sounds the way it should.)
    Write down the whole poem on a separate piece of paper, by itself, and set it aside.
  8. Repeat the whole process.


The essentials for electricity to flow: a closed circuit, firm connections, etc.

Going over the details of the electrical cords, the connections in between, the isolation mechanisms, the safety precautions



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