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The shamanic journey is often described as going from the everyday, ordinary world to higher realms of existence. The shaman is then seen as basically a human being with some extraordinary abilities. There is a basic problem with this approach. Throw a monkey into a museum, a library, a highly sophisticated computer room, a temezcal, etc., and what does he do? He looks for a banana.

Throw a human into a higher dimension, and …

We like to see the shamanic journey as going in the opposite direction. The shaman descends from the higher realms to the human world (and other worlds as well). He is not a human that flies off into the heavens. He is rather a divine entity that changes form to move into the lower realms, much like a diver looking for a pearl. Who is the shaman? What is the true identity of the Magus? He is the descending god. The clear light in infinite extension laddering down the tree of life.

We can help in this process, and help ourselves at the same time. We can help by providing a much-needed pathway for the descending shaman. We can create a radio receptor capable of capturing a higher signal, process it, decode it, and play it. The higher signal is the clear light, the shaman. The radio can be us, our biological bodies. This website explores different shamanic techniques for creating and fine-tuning a radio receptor, different ways to tune in to the clear light of objective reality, and the ways in which the reception can be utilized for objective evolution and shamanic voyaging.

*  *  *

Radio: broadcast, carry, channel, communicate, conduct, convey, diffuse, dispatch, disseminate, forward, impart,  pass on, pipe, radio, relay, remit, route, send, ship, siphon, spread, transfuse, translate, transport.

Free: autarchic, autonomous, emancipated, independent, self-directing, self-governing, self-ruling, disengaged, escaped, independent, liberated, loose, open, permitted, relaxed, unattached, uncommitted, unconfined, unconstrained, unengaged, chargeless, complimentary, costless, for nothing, gratuitous, allowed, at large, at liberty, break loose, casual, clear, cut loose,  unfettered, unhampered, unimpeded, unobstructed, unregulated, unrestricted, separate, sovereign, sui juris, unconstrained, unenslaved, unregimented, available, clear, empty, unimpeded, unobstructed, unoccupied, unused, vacant, absolve, acquit, bail out, clear, cut loose, emancipate, extricate, let go, redeem, rescue, save, unchain, unleash, untie.

Clear: bright, fine, halcyon, light, luminous, shining, shiny, sunny, unclouded, undarkened, cloudless, apprehensible, audible, coherent, comprehensible, conspicuous, distinct, evident, explicit, graspable, incontrovertible, intelligible, knowable, legible, loud enough, lucid, manifest, obvious, palpable, patent, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, precise, pronounced, readable, recognizable, sharp, simple, spelled out, straightforward, transparent, unambiguous, unblurred, uncomplicated, unequivocal, unmistakable, unquestionable, bare, empty, free, open, smooth, unhampered, unimpeded, unlimited, unobstructed, vacant, vacuous, void, absolved, clean, exonerated, guiltless, immaculate, innocent, pure, sinless, stainless, unblemished, uncensurable, undefiled, untarnished, untroubled, apparent, cloudless, crystalline, glassy, limpid, pure, see-through, thin, tralucent, acquit, defog, discharge, exculpate, exonerate, liberate, release, relieve, set free, vindicate, amerliorate, break up, brighten, burn off, clarify, cleanse, empty, erase, extricate, free, lighten, open, purify, refine, tidy, unblock, unburden, unclog, unload, vacate, void, wipe.

Light: aurora, beacon, blaze, brightness, brilliance, bulb, candle, dawn, daybreak, effulgence, emanation, flare, flash, fulgor, glare, gleam, glimmer, glow, illumination, incandescence, irradiation, lantern, luminosity, luster, morning, phosphorescence, radiance, radiation, ray, refulgence, scintillation, shine, sparkle, splendor, star, sun, sunbeam, sunrise, sunshine, torch, window, understanding, awareness, comprehension, context, education, elucidation, enlightenment, insight, interpretation, knowledge, ignite, illumine, inflame, irradiate, kindle, make visible, shine, switch on, turn on, burn, enkindle, fire, flame, ignite, inflame, kindle, spark, ablaze, aglow, bright, brilliant, clear, cloudless, flashing, fluorescent, glowing, lambent, lucent, luminous, lustrous, phosphorescent, polished, radiant, resplendent, unclouded, unobscured, vivid.




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