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Clearing the Moving Center

There are long term and short term strategies to clear the moving center.  Long term strategies call for developing a healthy and supple body; a body that can tolerate high energies without unnecessary resistance.  Diet, Experiment, breathing techniques, and detoxification practices are ways to help the physical body develop a clear moving center.  We will talk more about these long term strategies for clearing it; but before, we'll talk about some of the short term strategies you can try right away.  Keep in mind, however, that the long term strategies are necessary to consolidate any gains you might obtain from the short term strategies.

Experiment 1

Dance as if no one is looking.

Love as if it's never going to hurt.

--drunkard paraphrase of a Sufi saying

In this Experiment, you will become more acquainted with the space around you by walking around it, not in a circle, but as you wish. This is an excellent Experiment to try with others. You will at the same time become acquainted with the music as guide and the music as voyager.

Put (insert Black Note music here). Walk around the room. You can move in any direction. The music starts to play as you move around. As you walk around, listen to the instructions on the CD. As you are walking around the room, you will notice how the music can take the form of the guide, and you can then listen to the music’s directions telling you which direction to go, when to stop, when to move again, etc. The music can sometimes take the form of the voyager, and you become in that case the guide. When the music is the voyager, it needs the guide to guide by movement. You, sometimes as the guide and sometimes as the voyager, are here free to relate to the music by being guided by it, stopping and going, turning and moving according to the instructions the music itself provides. You are also free to relate to the music by guiding it around the space.

At the end, ring a bell or manifest and discover the sound that represents this voyage for you. This closing sound can be done by instrument, word or voice.

*   *   *

There is a tribe in South America, the Yanonami, who seem to have figured out one of the simplest models of the rat race and corporate ladder climbing.  Once they construct a hut that will stand the mild climate for years, they retire and do nothing the rest of their lives.  They sit around all day telling stories and shooting a hallucinogenic drug up their nose with a bamboo stick. 

The moving center in many of us behaves in the same wise fashion.  Once we learn how to walk and move about a simple tridimensional space, we stop building on it.  We learn a couple of postures, adopt two or three ways of moving (one for lazing about, one for hurrying or working, and one for impressing others).  Then, some of the most industrious members of our society somehow manage to combine these two or three manifestations in different ways to create the illusion of energy, creativity, and beauty of movement.

As a child, I used to play all kinds of games with my perception of the world.  One of them was in the car, while my dad was driving long distances.  I used to hold my head up and straight, and kept my body relaxed but alert and firm.  The trees, roads, animals, and people on the road seemed to be coming slowly at me first, and the suddenly would pick up speed and go through me--merging with me.  At this point, my sense of self was not confined to the dimensions of my head or any other part of my body.  The entire field of vision was me.  Also, I imagined that I was not moving.  I was just a screen, an etheric two dimensional being who was static here, in this part of the universe.  There was a whole world rushing at me, just like time rushes into us when growing up.  I did not move, the objects in the road did.  They came towards me and disappeared into me.  I was not a boy; I was a consciousness swallowing up beings that fell into me.

There is a variation of this Experiment that produces a curious effect in our moving center.  Walk around the neighborhood.  Take a route that is easy to follow and doesn't require much of your attention.  Walk around with the idea that you are not moving at all.  Pretend you are in a virtual reality program, standing firm on the ground while the whole world moves around you.  It appears to you and disappears behind you.     

Experiment 3

Think of someone you have seen doing a rain dance, a ritual movement, tai chi, an invocational dance. You can also think of a puppet you’ve seen in the past, moving as if it suddenly became infused with life. Hold the moving picture in your head for a moment. It doesn’t matter if you remember how the movements went, just hold the person in your imagination. Also, hold the feeling of the atmosphere or your own feelings when you saw this. Ask the person in your imagination to teach you their moves. Ask him or her to direct your moves for just a couple of minutes. Then move. If you can, videotape this.



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