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No Thought

Don’t let anyone tell you that you should stop your thoughts because they interrupt the silence. Don’t let them sell you that snake oil. It is a trap to sell you what doesn’t work. Once you fall for this lie, you will jump from the cauldron to fall into the fire. The worst part about that scheme is that it is true. Thought itself causes much of the problems in our lives. Thought clogs the mind. Thought leads us stray. Thought keeps us in bondage, and causes the mind to lose clarity.

The problem is that when someone tells you this, you thought goes into overdrive, either trying to disprove or dismiss the idea, or trying to accomplish what it cannot do. Thought cannot stop thought. Thought is a wild stampede. Your will to stop it is but a grass leaf in its path.

There are parts of your system, of your radio, however, that are not thinking. By trying to think about stopping your thoughts, or by trying to stop them, you simply send more energy to the circuit in charge of thought. Instead, just send the energy somewhere else. Let thought be. Move. Sing. Look. Orgasm. Die.

Sorry for bringing this up.

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One way to attune to a “no thought” zone is to put your normal thought sequence to a task that is non-intellectual but highly complex. For instance, you can do a series of postures and movements which require much attention, and these movements become more complex as you learn them so that you have to pay attention to more and more detail. This makes the part of your mind usually used in thought occupy itself with a different task: a motor task. Once it’s there for a while, the mechanical thought won’t be there doing what it always does. Of course, thought might still be there making you think that you are not thinking.



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