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Shaman Music 1
First Voyage

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A Shamanic Voyage into Unknown Realms...
and back!
Explore magical shamanic spaces by yourself or with a group.

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The music in this CD was created with the intention of working as an active element in the service of a group shamanic experience. Our intention was to take a small group from the "normal" human dimension into a more subtle space and state, and then get them back safe and sound. This is the first in a series of  group shamanic experiments.

The music was designed to accomplish that process. It changes speed, texture and tone according to the stages of the voyage.

The original process lasted around 2 hours and a half. The music here has been compressed into a little more than one hour. Feel free to use it for your own shamanic experiments and voyages. And when you hear a familiar tune, do sing along!

The lyrics may have a whole new meaning...

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