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Constructing the Radio

The first question that we face as cosmic radio aficionados is how to construct the Radio RECEIVER. Without the receiver we are out in the middle of the desert with no help and no company. But before actually starting the construction we must acquire certain skills and knowlede. What exactly is a Radio Receiver? What are its parts? How do they go together? What function does each part occupy? Once the radio is built, how do you turn it on? How do you tune it?

These are all questions that must be answered carefully and methodically. The questions must be deeply understood at every level, swallowed completely and digested, for a real answer to emerge. For this to happen, we have to go beyond intellectual concepts and metaphors, we will have to get our hands a bit dirty. Along with the theoretical explanations we will include Experiments


Explain the basic ideas that we are to work with:

  • The reception of signals from elsewhere
  • The need for a structure for these signals to be received
  • The need for the structure to be turned on
  • The need to tune the structure / radio

Section 1: Signals

Radiations throughout the Universe

Electromagnetic Spectrum, the many forms that radiations take, matter as constrained Radiation, the relation between speed and frequency, timbre, beats and notes

Intelligence in the Universe – Magic vrs Science

Randomness, Information Rich signals, "Understanding a signal" ("Understanding as resonance"), the many brains, the assumption of supreme intelligence by science, the Universe itself as intelligent, intelligent radiation showers from the skies

Carrier Waves and Modulation

How a message is modulated into a frequency, the many carrier waves all around us, how to translate the many messages, (Quote from HP Lovecraft), the objective is to make speak the message of the high frequencies out loud

Different Universal Stations and Radio Bands

The many maps for the higher planes, the Gods of Santeria and the Greek Myths, our organs of perception, the chakras, the "higher perception organs"
Mythological and Metaphysical Maps as organization of frequency bands

Section 2: Reception

How does a Radio pick up a signal?

How does it separate it from all the other signals? How does it translate it into audible sound?

Possesion and Santeria

The process of becoming a horse for a God, the difference between the Babalao and the Horse, the ways different Gods are brought down

Gods and Humans in Greek Myths

Rereading different passages of The Illyad and the Oddysey as radio reception, the Gods as radio channels

Music as a path to resonance and Reception

Music as structured frequency, harmonization and resonance, music as a way to make different human machines operate as one for short periods of time

Section 3: Constructing the Radio

The parts of a Radio (structure and organization)

Go through the different parts of a radio, make references to the equivalent possible human job. Outline the process of "reception" and "tranlation"
2 Isomorphisms: to a group of people and to an individual
*Emphasize Group Work

Bringing the right people together (at the right time)

Not everyone or anyone should be there, picking the right people, different structures for different moments and for different results, sometimes less is more, don’t hold on to them!
Working with whatever is there – the "diorama"

Allowing each part to do its job (we are not all the same!)

We are not all the same, allow each part to do what it does best (usually being what it enjoys the most!), allow each part to make its own choices for its own purposes

Section 4: Turning the Radio on

The flow of electricity turns the Radio on

The flow of electricity in a physical radio, where it comes from, how it moves through it and allows the other parts to work

Breath and flow

Eternal Flow

The essentials for electricity to flow: a closed circuit, firm connections, etc.

Going over the details of the electrical cords, the connections in between, the isolation mechanisms, the safety precautions

Closing the space – Allowing inside only what’s needed

The Banishing Ritual, the cleansing, closing in all dimensions (in space, time and the higher dimensions), safeguarding the space

Establishing the connections – Contact

Establishing contact between the participants, the importance of looking and feeling each other, call and response (the One to the Many), the organic flowing call and response, the group conversation, listening is more important than playing!, holding back, letting go, choosing the right moment to go wild!
Setting up different roles for people – to correspond to different parts of the radio.
(For example: 1 person is the "pulse", the beat, 2 person is the movement forward, the rhythmic adornments, 3 person is the emotion – vocals?- , 4 person is the intellect – harmony? Form?)

Allowing the energy to flow – Any block stops the whole circuit

Any part of the circuit can stop its flow, when you feel the flow waning start a new proposal and push it through, being conscious of the precense of the energy and your relationship to its flow, connecting with others means letting go of yourself, being ridiculous is good for you!

Terminating the space

"What is said here, stays here", being quick and formal in the closing (without being mechanical), the importance of concentrated effort

Section 5: Tuning the Radio

How does the tuner on a Radio work

Explain the physical way in which a Radio tunes making references to possible analogies in the human world

Arranging the Radio to pick up different signals

The tools of magic: colors, implements, artifacts, prayers.

Resonance – Frequency, Rhythm, Pattern

The relation between different frequencies and different maps of the higher planes, rhythm and pattern in different traditions, The Iching, the Tarot

Types of Resonance

The Beehive Principle

Getting out of the Way – Becoming the Vessel

Knowing when it’s working and getting out of the way!



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