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Trip Tech -
Silent Apocalypse

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A smooth flight through darkly beautiful shamanic ambient spaces
The end comes with a vortex of contrasting color and dark harmonies

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Trip Tech takes a ride into the further reaches of dream reality, where our fears get confused with our wildest desires to form moving and complex realms of hyper conscious life.

Dark post-ambient spaces touching on the past (The Orb, Brian Eno, Namlook) to propel forcefully into a surprising future. The musicians reach into their bags of resources to find loops that transcend straightforward beats and harmonies that reach for the hidden quarters of your emotions. The shapes shift constantly in the midst of apparent repetition, forever testing the edge of chaos.

This is music for shamanic journeys into forbidding territory, much needed confrontations that will allow you to go beyond the fear and find the beauty that is hiding just beneath the surface.

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