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Different Universal Stations and Radio Bands

We start from the pure Clear Light, an uninterrupted, unborn, uncreated, unformed maelstrom of energy that creates itself out of itself through infinity. And, within that endless, eternal chaos we strive to find a way to select, to make sense, to categorize. This in the name of tuning! Not of understanding, of ultimate truth, of dogma, of mental realizations, but of pure synchronized resonance.

The maelstrom can be "seen" or "heard" from outside as it breaks into an infinite amount of waves and streams, rays of light and crashing sound that rip through the void and reimagine it out of the vast emptiness. The ACTION of tuning can be guided by a myriad different maps. We start from a basic postulate that makes no rational or moral distinction between one map or another. You may find that you have a particular affinity for one map that is part of an old tradition. Or you may find that it is time to create a brand new map, either taking elements from existing traditions or starting absolutely from scratch.

In either case, the Experiments and processes in this book/web site will help you to discover, improve and refine your skill with tuning into the particular realms of the endless original Chaos that you wish to manifest. We are not here to tell you WHAT to do, but we are here to help you in HOW to do it.

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Experiment 1: Divide the world in half!

  1. Select a "space". This can be a room in your house or a solitary area in the middle of a forest. Our only recommendation is that it be quiet and away from crowds of people (but if you are brave enough to try it there, we are not here to stop you!). The space can be VERY small (the size a of a large plate) or VERY big (the size of a stadium). The only condition in this regard is that it should be big enough that you can see details within it with your eyes and other senses and that it should be small enough that you can see all of it from one place.

  2. Sit and/or place your attention on the center of the space. Breath quietly and deeply as you focus your attention on the center.

  3. Take the space "into yourself" as a whole. Swallow it with your presence and attention. Feel and sense the whole space as an eternal chamber, beyond any previous preconceptions you may have of it. Feel how it reflects the whole Universe and how the whole Universe reflects it. Allow it to become Everything.

  4. Now sense the "polarity" of the space. Allow yourself to see the two forces that are in opposition within the space. Locate them clearly in the geography of the space. (Don't ask yourself "is there one?", simply allow yourself to see one. Yet again, THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER.)

  5. Now choose one of the two forces, and place your attention firmly on it. Close your eyes. Keep the mental picture of what you saw and keep your attention on the complete presence of that force. Let's call it Force A.

  6. Allow Force A to invade you, to take you over. And listen to it within you. Listen to its song. Take your time doing this. Once you hear a melody hold it and repeat it internally. Allow it to become clearer and clearer.

  7. Sing the melody of Force A. Sing it softly at first and increase in firmness and security as you go.

  8. Now slowly go back to silence. Place your attention on the center again. Keep it there for a moment.

  9. Repeat steps 5-7 for Force B.

  10. Go back to silence yet again. Open your eyes and watch the transformed space before you. Look around. Feel its life, its eternity, its light and shadow.

  11. Quietly and slowly retreat from the space. Breath deeply.

Experiment 2: Invoking your Classmate

  1. As usual, start by relaxing your body, your mind and your emotions. Breath deeply.

  2. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself with eyes wide open and vision diffused.

  3. Try to see yourself as a stranger, someone you are meeting for the first time. What kind of person is this? What do they like? What do they dream of?

  4. Now close your eyes, and go back in your memory to your "school days" (this could be kinder garden, grade school, high school, college or any other kind of school you may have gone to.)

  5. Allow your attention to focus on one of your old classmates. Let all your memories of this person invade you. Try to listen to him or her talking, try to see him/her moving, laughing, shouting, etc.

  6. Now, without opening your eyes, start to become this person. Talk like him or her. Move like him or her (while remaining in front of the mirror.)

  7. Allow this identification to increase until you feel that you have become this person. Let your face muscles move around trying to find this person's face within you.

  8. When you feel that you have become this person, open your eyes and see yourself in the mirror. If possible, talk to yourself as this person which you have invoked.

  9. Now close your eyes and breath deeply. Allow the pure Clear Light to shine through you and dissolve the invocation.

  10. Open your eyes once again and look at yourself. Breath deeply. Very slowly, move away from the mirror.

Experiment 3: Be a Tree

  1. Go to a forest, a local park or your backyard and walk around. Try to keep your mind as quiet as possible as you walk. Place as much of your attention as possible on each tree around you.

  2. There will be one tree that calls to you, a tree that resonates with you in one way or another. When you come to this tree, stop walking and stand in front of the tree.

  3. Carefully examine the tree. Use all your senses if possible. Take your time. There is no rush. Simply allow your attention to fall on every detail of the tree.

  4. Now stand up about 10 to 15 feet away from the tree and diffuse your vision.

  5. Allow the presence of the tree to invade you and shift your body to conform to the presence of the tree. Don't try to copy the physical shape of the tree! Instead, allow the entity that is within the tree to guide you in moving your body. When the posture feels right, stop.

  6. Maintain the physical state. Now allow the presence of the tree to guide your emotions. Attempt to take the emotional posture of the tree.

  7. As the emotion moves through you, let the desires of the tree invade you. Want what the tree wants. See the world through the tree and dream its dreams.

  8. Allow your mind to have throughts but only thoughts as the tree would have, thoughts arising from its emotions and its desires. Think as the tree.

  9. Be the tree. Stay.

  10. Slowly come back to a resting position. Breath quietly and deeply. Close your eyes. Allow several minutes to go by.

  11. Walk away.

Experiment 4: Air Guitar

  1. Play a CD (or a collection of CDs) of loud rock guitar (possible selections could include: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Van Halen, Frank Zappa, Fred Frith, etc.)

  2. Stand in the middle of the room and allow yourself to sway to the loud music.Close your eyes.

  3. Slowly start to picture a guitar in front of you. Imagine its color, its shape, its weight.

  4. When you can feel the guitar in front of you, put your hands forward and grab it. Hold it firmly.

  5. Now that you have the "air guitar" in your hands, start to "play" it. Keep your eyes closed.

  6. Continue for at least 2 or 3 songs.

  7. Put the guitar back in its position and sway for a few minutes.

  8. Open your eyes and turn off that loud music!

In all these Experiments, allow "things" to happen. Don't imagine ahead of time the kind of experience you will have each time. Don't try to conform to any expectations. Underneath it all, there is silence and as somebody somewhere once said "silence is golden". So an acceptable manifestation is to "do nothing" and that is fine. When a "something" comes to you, allow it to manifest without any judgement. Practicing this will allow more and more "things" to happen.

Experiment 5: Simple Shapes

  1. Find or print a series of simple shapes on standard pieces of paper (8.5"x11"). If possible, make each figure in color. The simple shapes can be a circle, a triangle, a square, a pentagon, a hexagon, a spiral, etc.

  2. Place one of these shapes in front of you as you sit down comfortably with your back straight. Make sure the shape is easy for you to look at without changing position.

  3. Now close your eyes and focus your attention on the Experiment you are about to attempt. Say to yourself that for the next 5 to 10 minutes you don't need to worry about anything else or keep anything else in mind.

  4. When you feel that your attention is sufficiently focused, open your eyes and place your full attention on the one shape you've chosen. Let the shape become the center of your world. Let your attention focus on the shape for a while, several minutes.

  5. Now bring back part of your attention to your body and allow your body to take the shape of the picture WITHOUT MOVING ANY PART OF YOUR BODY. (Don't ask how... just do it.) Allow that to go on for several minutes.

  6. Now move your attention to your chest and allow your emotions to take the shape of the picture. (Are you still asking how?) Allow that to happen for several more minutes.

  7. Now move your attention to your forehead and allow your thoughts to take the shape of the picture. (If you are asking how you are not doing the Experiment!) Again, allow that to go on for several minutes.

  8. Finally begin to hear a melody in your mind that corresponds to the shape. Hear it more and more clearly.

  9. Sing the melody. Repeat it many times.

  10. Finally close your eyes and breathe easily and slowly.

  11. Repeat this Experiment once a day for several days until you have gone through all the different shapes. Don't do it for several weeks and then try the whole sequence again.

In these Experiments, there are several instances where you "take the shape" of something without moving your body. This can appear "mysterious" or "paradoxical". Don't allow yourself to become inmersed in a philosophical or rational inner argument about what it is that you are doing. Instead, try to follow the instructions like a small child would... simply assuming that this can be done and that however you do it, that is the way that it should be done! You may at times feel like you are floating in a gooey substance that invades the whole space within you and that you've been somehow vaguely aware of all along. When this cognition (or something similar) comes to you, don't stop to try to explain it or understand it. SImple continue to do the Experiments without trying to establish a firm explanation.

Different Universal Stations and Radio Bands

The many maps for the higher planes, the Gods of Santeria and the Greek Myths, our organs of perception, the chakras, the "higher perception organs"
Mythological and Metaphysical Maps as organization of frequency bands



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