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All matter is vibration. Every subatomic particle is vibrating. Actually, it is a vibration on its own. Every atom and every molecule has its own vibration, like a signature. Moreover, we can know something only through its vibration. Our own nervous system vibrates, and its vibration is affected by incoming vibration from the matter around us. The particular vibration of an object is struck by light. Light is affected by the vibration of the object, which alters the vibration of the light changing its color (or more accurately, changing the way in which it will strike our vibrating nervous system which will cause us to perceive color, tone, etc.).

The main question is what is it that we want to tune into.The decision about what to tune into depends, of course, on your Will. If your Will is dormant and inactive, you will be tuning to frequencies according to accumulated unconscious habits. Your radio has been molded by billions of year of biological evolution. Also, your own use of your radio has molded it to receive certain signals, respond to them in certain ways, and ignore other signals. Unless you take an active part on the tuning of your radio, it will continue tuning into the same signals as usual.

Why “clear light”?   Try to imagine a state of energy in its most pure form, before it is manifested into light, matter, heat, etc.  Imagine a state prior to manifestation.  Perhaps it’s easier if you pay attention to the moment prior to awakening, right before you know that you are.

Where or what is the clear light? How to recognize it

How to tune into the clear light




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