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How does the tuner on a Radio work

Tuning the dial

Our perception of ourselves has a lot to do with how we process the signals coming from the outside. 



Change your name for a day.  Choose an insignificant name; nothing grandiose, conspicuous, or significative.  Call yourself a different--albeit indifferent--name.   Go to a place where you are not likely to meet anyone you know.  Go to a hotel, a club, a beach, anywhere people don't know you.  Also, make this place one you are likely to interact with people.  It could be, for example, a lecture or a sales presentation.  Introduce yourself with your new name.  What happens?  


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We are constantly bombarded with information.  Energy.  Vibrations.  Our system discriminates and picks that which it has been trained to value and to see as relevant to its own function.   So, a warrior will be alert to the shift in the wind, the tracks of the prey, and the signals of danger.  A socialite would normally be oblivious to the clues relevant to the hunter, but will in turn be highly alert to social clues, body language, nuances of speech, gossip, etc.  Many times, we can let our system know we want to receive clues and information from sources not normally accessed, or about topics not commonly in our own sphere of relevance.  It is like sending a signal, a request for help, or a plea for help.


  • Take half a glass of water right before you go to sleep.  Do this after you have prepared for bed and all that’s left is lying down, turn the lights off, and sleep. 
  • Take the glass with both hands.
  • Look at the water.  Put your attention in the water.  Do this with all the strength of your concentration.
  • Talk to it.  Tell the water what’s in your heart.  It can be a problem, a sadness, a hope, a question, or a poem.
  • Drink the water with your eyes closed, as if you are sending the water to the region of the Dreaming as an interdimensional vessel carrying your message.
  • Sleep. 


Tuning Through Movement


1-     Put a disk from the Shaman Music collection.

2-     Stand with the music to your back, adjust your posture slightly to the point where you feel the music most fully.

  1. 3-     Slowly raise your hands, palms up.  Listen closely to the music.

4-     Adjust your posture, your balance, the tilt of your head, the direction your hands are facing, etc.  Try different shifts.  Make minor adjustments to your position.  See how the perception of the music changes to the minor shifts in your posture.


Experiment: Photograph


  1. Find a photograph of a person that you know. Someone that is not family or a close friend, but that you know.
  2. Place the photograph on a table resting on a picture holder in such a way that you are facing the photograph.
  3. Imagine that the person is a particular channel in the universal radio waves and that you are going to try to tune into them. Close your eyes and go through your memories of this person.
  4. Now open your eyes and focus on the picture. See yourself in the picture being this person. Hear the person talking in your mind. Feel the person moving.
  5. When you feel that you have a hold of this person, speak up in the person's voice and from the person's point of view. Speak up and confidently let that person speak through you.
  6. Say a sentence or two, then focus on the photograph again and bring the person into tune once again. Say another couple of sentences.
  7. Repeat several times.
  8. When you are finished, breath quietly with your eyes closed and try to eliminate all thoughts from your mind for at least a short moment. Let the "white noise" wash you of the Experiment.



How does the tuner on a Radio work

Explain the physical way in which a Radio tunes making references to possible analogies in the human world



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