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Section 4: Turning the Radio on

The flow of electricity turns the Radio on

The flow of electricity in a physical radio, where it comes from, how it moves through it and allows the other parts to work

Breath and flow

Eternal Flow

The essentials for electricity to flow: a closed circuit, firm connections, etc.

Going over the details of the electrical cords, the connections in between, the isolation mechanisms, the safety precautions

Closing the space – Allowing inside only what’s needed

The Banishing Ritual, the cleansing, closing in all dimensions (in space, time and the higher dimensions), safeguarding the space

Establishing the connections – Contact

Establishing contact between the participants, the importance of looking and feeling each other, call and response (the One to the Many), the organic flowing call and response, the group conversation, listening is more important than playing!, holding back, letting go, choosing the right moment to go wild!
Setting up different roles for people – to correspond to different parts of the radio.
(For example: 1 person is the "pulse", the beat, 2 person is the movement forward, the rhythmic adornments, 3 person is the emotion – vocals?- , 4 person is the intellect – harmony? Form?)

Allowing the energy to flow – Any block stops the whole circuit

Any part of the circuit can stop its flow, when you feel the flow waning start a new proposal and push it through, being conscious of the precense of the energy and your relationship to its flow, connecting with others means letting go of yourself, being ridiculous is good for you!

Terminating the space

"What is said here, stays here", being quick and formal in the closing (without being mechanical), the importance of concentrated effort



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