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Working with the Tattwas

Create the following figures in carboard paper (you can also use felt, paint them, etc.):

1- Black Egg (represents spirit)

2- Red Triangle (represents fire)

3- Silver crescent moon (represents water)

4- Blue Circle (represents air)

5- Yellow Square (represents earth)

Exercise I:

Select a card to work with (you can try different cards in different days). Take the Tattwa card you've selected and look at it. With each intake of breath, visualize the symbols on the Tattwa expanding. With each breath out, visualize the Tattwa shrinking. Synchronize this expansion and contraction with your breathing. Keep this up for a while, until you feel the Tattwa expand enough that you could fall into it. Once your each that point, let your perceptions "fall" into the Tattwa, through it into another plane of
existence. Do this exercise while playing music. When you return, write down your experience and impressions.


1.      Make one set of five sattwas.
2.      Take a tour of your house, starting from your bed.
3.      Place the sattwas in conspicuous places, marking different parts of
this tour.
4.      Just before going to bed, and after doing everything you would
normally do before climbing in bed to sleep, take the same tour looking at
all the sattwas.
5.      Do this for at least a week, but better to do it for 28 days.
6.      Keep a record of your dreams and thoughts at night during this time.



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