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Arranging the Radio to pick up different signals

Once you have managed to put the radio together, to construct it and have it functioning (at least for a short period of time!), you have an open stream of communication. But what are you going to communicate with? What are your options? How do you select them and how can you attract certain signals over others?

In a certain way, various channels of the macrodimensions each come with their own key or set of keys. These keys retain a certain essence through time but also mutate and change from place to place. We are not interested in fulfilling a particular tradition or set of rituals. Instead we are interested in the flow of information and meaning from one space of the infinite continuum to another. So it is certain that you will find your own specific and unrepeatable approaches to constructing and designing these keys. Tradition in this case can serve as a source of inspiration but you should be careful and not allow it to become a strict dogma. Dogma is not a key. It is a closed room without a keyhole.

Experiment 1

  1. Place both hands to the side of your face, with the palms towards you.
  2. Cover the ears with the thumbs, your eyes with the rest of the fingers.
  3. When you inhale, do it through the nose while making the sound of HOOOONNNNNNGGGGG.
  4. Exhales through your mouth, saying SSSSAWWWWW.
  5. Begin by making the sounds loud enough for you to hear.  After a while, begin to dimish the volume until the sound becomes internal; or until you are mostly only "thinking" the sound.
  6. Then, simply pay attention to colors, sounds, or smells.


Experiment 2

Sit with a friend at a café, park, mall, or any other busy place. Begin a  conversation in which both of you are very interested. Preferably, a conversation that investigates or speculates about topics beyond mere gossip. As you converse, pay attention to the sounds around you, and particularly to the things other people around you are saying. When you or your friend hear a word, phrase, or sound that seems to refer or relate to your conversation, incorporate it into your conversation. Take that sound, word, or phrase as if it was being said by a third person. Acknowledge it, respond to it, add to it, etc. Add it to the flow of the conversation.





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