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Types of Resonance

Magical Resonance

Magical resonance refers to the use of the principle of resonance in order to produce external change.   The basic idea is to create a subtle vibration in a higher realm; a vibration which will in turn make its way back to the physical realm also following the principle of resonance.  The process of manifestation could be seen as the transference of a vibration through various hosts or mediums. 

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The path the vibration takes from a subtle realm to the physical is a two-way road.  This means that it is theoretically possible to create a vibration in your realm of influence that might affect other realms which in turn will create a physical effect.

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Mystical Resonance

Mystical Resonance is the effecting inner change through the principle of resonance.  Think of doe that is transformed into bread by the application of slow heat.  Without the heat, the mass could have all the ingredients necessary but they would not form into bread until a chemical reaction is provoked inside by the action heat has in its molecules.  This transformation cannot take place by themselves, it cannot come from within.  An external influence is necessary.  On the other hand, heat alone cannot produce bread if the mass doesn't have all the necessary elements to be transformed.

If I was put against the wall and asked the main reason for invocation, I would say it is mystical resonance. In mystical resonance, there is a transformational benefit for the one who invokes and there can also be a benefit for the entity invoked. We will talk about the benefit for the invoked later. Right now, let’s explore the benefit for the one who makes an invocation in order to generate mystical resonance.

One is dealing with a number of physical substances. These physical substances, combined in certain ways will produce, because of their relationships and co-activity, different effects. There are effects, however, that the elements themselves cannot produce. For example, no matter how cleverly constructed a radio, it won’t produce music, or voices, or comedy, or drama if there is no electromagnetic signal coming from somewhere outside the radio. This radio signal is like the invoked entity. The internal set up of the radio allows the signal to be picked up, decoded, and reproduced. But it is the signal itself the one who creates a transformation in the system that transforms it into a functioning radio.

When you are working, practicing, or experimenting with these ideas, perhaps with a group of people forming a “radio”, something perhaps will happen that won’t necessarily be the result of just the addition of the parts. Something might happen in the group that will be filled with mystery. A secret might become manifest. You’ll recognize it. Perhaps you won’t know how to talk about it—or want to! Think of a cool breeze that comes into your room after you open the window on a hot morning. The opening of the window did not create the breeze, but allowed it to come in. Remember a moment of inspiration when you inexplicably came upon the answer to a problem after having diligently yet fruitlessly labored at it for days? Can you think of a dream that allowed you to know things previously ignored, or felt emotions unknown to you?



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