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Carrier Waves and Modulation

What is a "frequency"? The rate at which something vibrates, the number of oscillations that occur in a specified amount of time (usually a second, and defined as Hertz). The "oscillator" can be anything from a subatomic particle to a building or even a planet. But everything vibrates and everything thus has a frequency. Furthermore, we are surrounded and interpenetrated by frequencies from every direction. The vibration of the oxygen molecules all around us in the air, the electrical vibrations of the machines and the radio waves transmitted and retransmitted through great antennas all over the globe.

When we hear a sound, it is usually not composed of a single frequency. If we were to actually hear a single pure frequency, we would hear an ongoing "buzz" called a sine wave because of its shape. These don't exist in their pure state anywhere except through synthesizers and similar machines. (And even then, the mere fact of being amplified and vibrated through the air modifies them in such a way that subtle overtones are added to the originally pure wave.) What we usually hear are complex groupings of frequencies that through their relative shape and amplitude create the sounds we recognize.

The radio works through picking up specific channels and each radio channel is defined by its frequency. But when we tune in to X frequency, we don't hear the constant "buzz" of the X sine wave. What we hear is the basic X frequency being modulated (through amplitude or through frequency) by the more complex sounds coming from the radio station. The "music", "speech" or other sounds that we hear coming out of the radio have been "mounted" onto the specific frequency that the station is using to carry its message.

The basic frequency that is used to transmit the message is called
"the carrier wave".
It can also be called a "magickal formula", a "chamber", an "angel" or a "god".

*  *  *

Experiment 1: The Colors

This particular Experiment involves a process that lasts for a week. The actual work you do each day lasts only about 15 to 30 minutes, but it will take a whole week to complete.

  1. Sit in a quiet place. Place a notebook and a pen or pencil close by.

  2. Go through a process of self relaxation. For this you can use our "Journey to Alpha"/"Journey to Theta" CDs, or the "Draining" CD, or any other method which you feel comfortable with.

  3. Once you feel relaxed and your thoughts have slowed down, without opening your eyes, place your attention on the center of your forehead. You can actually move your eyes without opening them, as if you were looking inwards and up at the center of your forehead.

  4. Now visualize the color RED. Let it flood your inner images.

  5. As you visualize the color, allow all other images that come with it to flow through you. Don't try to capture them or rationalize them or explain them in any way. Just allow them to wash over you.

  6. Allow this process to go on for some time (5 to 10 minutes).

  7. Carefully open your eyes. Do this very slowly and don't make any sudden moves. Just allow yourself to come out of the space as slowly as you need to do it.

  8. Now take the notebook and pen and write down some of the images you saw, along with any other impressions that came with the images. Don't censor yourself. Don't try to fit with any preconceived idea of the colors "represent" or what effect they have. Simply write down what came to you in as much detail as possible.

Repeat the same process for 7 days, going through  7 colors: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET, BROWN.

*  *  *

Experiment 2: The Birds

This particular Experiment requires that you go to a place where there are many birds. This may be easy for some and not so easy for others. It may be your backyard or the local park. Or you may have to travel a bit more in order to find the perfect place. Follow your intuition and remember that the Experiment can be done more than once.

  1. Sit alone in a place where you can hear many birds singing.

  2. Relax yourself through any particular method that you prefer.

  3. Now place your attention on the singing of the birds. Hear them as a "mass" of sound and allow them mix into a single voice.

  4. Let this "mass" of sound wash over you and through you. Allow your thoughts to become the collective bird song.

  5. Now focus your attention tightly on one of the bird songs. Try to make it come into "focus" just like you would with a camera lens. Let it jump out of the "mass" and become the main sound that envelops your attention.

  6. Once the single song is focused in your attention, sing along with it, to yourself. Don't sing aloud yet. Just sing it inside your brain and feel how it fits in with all the other bird songs.

  7. Now, sing it aloud softly. Notice how the environment, the "chamber", reacts to your singing. (Don't worry about being in tune, or being correct or precise. Simply sing the bird song as well as you can.)

  8. Now relax again and allow your attention to expand again to the whole "mass" of bird songs.

  9. Repeat this process a few times.

*  *  *

Experiment 3: The Songs of the City

  1. Go to the closest downtown area. Walk around without any particular destination.

  2. As you walk, try to control your breathing and your attention, and achieve a relaxed state.

  3. Find a bench, or any other place where you can sit calmly and look around at the city movement. Don't focus on any particular thing. Feel the whole city as a big mass, a unified mass of movement, sound and vision.

  4. Close your eyes. Allow the sound to flow through you for a moment.

  5. Open your eyes and place your attention on any particular sound source. It can a person talking, the honking of a particular car horn, the buses passing by, the sound of construction going on nearby, the sound of video games.

  6. Focus your attention on that one sound and make it jump out from the mass behind it. Focus on it so much that the mass seems to fade a bit and the sound emerges naked from its surroundings.

  7. Now close your eyes and focus on the one sound. Let it invade you. Let it become your thoughts. Let it become your emotions. Let it become you.

  8. Inside your mind, sing along with the sound. Hear both the sound and your inner response to it and feel them parallel each other.

  9. Now open your eyes and, very softly, allow yourself to make a soft sound that parallels the single sound that you have been following. Only do this if you feel safe and suficiently isolated from the crowd. (Don't ever place yourself in any danger!)

  10. Slowly allow the single sound to again fade into the mass of the sounds of the city.

  11. Walk around again and find a different spot. Repeat the whole process 2 or 3 times.

*  *  *

Focus on one message

As you delve into the depths of the information all around you, one of the most difficult challenges is how to set one from the other, and how to maintain your attention on the one you actually pick. When working with a group, this problem is multiplied! At this stage we need to individually develop the ability to hold our attention on one particular sound or vibration. For this purpose one suggested procedure is to use one of our many "trance" CDs from the Shamanmusic Collection or any other recording which involves a lot of repetition. To work with these materials (at this stage) use the following simple procedures.

Experiment 1

  1. Put on the recording and sit or lie down in a relaxed position.

  2. Listen to the recording and place your attention firmly on the one sound, note or word that is repeating.

  3. You will fade into other thoughts. As soon as you notice it just bring your attention back to the repeating sound. Don't wonder why you faded away or why you lost your attention. Simply come back to the sound.

  4. When you feel yourself falling asleep (as you probably will), open your eyes and continue following the sound with your attention.

  5. When the recording ends, be careful about standing up. Make very slow movements. If you still feel sleepy and there's no other obstacle to it, take a nap!

Experiment 2

  1. Put on the recording and sit or stand with your back straight.

  2. Listen to the recording and place your attention firmly on the one sound, note or word that is repeating.

  3. Sing along with the recording or repeat the word that you hear over and over.

  4. As it repeats, allow your head to swing back and forth with the rhythm.

  5. When the recording ends, carefully and very slowly reduce the volume of your singing and the energy of your head swings. Slowly come back to a quiet space.

  6. Take a few deep breaths.


Experiment 3

  1. Put on the recording and sit or stand with your back straight.

  2. Listen to the recording and place your attention firmly on the one sound, note or word that is repeating.

  3. Move your right hand up in front of your face and focus your attention on it along with the sound that is repeating.

  4. Now let the hand make a movement that somehow reflects, represents or resonates with the sound. There is no "right" movement, just make the movement that seems "right" at this particular time. (Dont use a movement that is painful to make or that involves a lot of effort.)

  5. Once you have a movement "locked" in place, start to repeat it along with the repeating sound. The intensity of the movement will vary as your energy weakens and returns in cycles. That is expected and normal. Simply be aware of these cycles of energy.

  6. When the recording ends, carefully and very slowly reduce the speed of the movement until your hand is completely still. Slowly bring your hand down.

  7. Take a few deep breaths. Sit down and relax.

These three Experiments are not meant as a "progression" but rather as three aspects of a similar process. In other words, once you have mastered each, they can be used as a cyclical process where each one improves and nurtures the others and "you", as a unified being can focus your attention on a particular message and maintain it there. The body, the mind and the emotions can all then form a tuning antenna that can detect and resonate with a particular message. In the following chapters we will work more with these ideas.

How to "translate" the many messages

To "translate" in this context has nothing to do with meaning. It involves a process of shifting what you perceive (see, hear, feel) into some kind of manifestation: a sound, a rhythm, a melody, a movement. This involves a certain "jump" that some find easier than others. This is a jump from one realm of perception or experience to another. When attempting this, don't ever think in terms of "right" or "wrong" answers, not only does this duality not apply, it can hurt the process and make it impossible. Think purely in terms of raw creation and you will have no problems.

Experiment 1: Hearing/Seeing/Writing

  1. Sit down comfortably with a notebook and a pen.

  2. Put on a relatively "short" piece of music, between 6 and 12 minutes. (The Ion Evo or Kyron CDs will work for this purpose.)

  3. Close your eyes as you listen to the music and let your imagination wander. Allow yourself to "see" the music inside your mind. Within the scope of your individual abilities, do NOT censor yourself. Any image that comes, allow it to come. Don't try to understand or rationalize or create theories. Simply watch the show that your mind creates in response to the music.

  4. When the piece is over, turn off the music and write down the experience as if you were writing a dream. Write for about 10 to 20 minutes. If you write for less than 10 minutes you will probably miss too many details. If you write for more than 20 minutes you are probably getting too obsessive about it!

  5. Read what you wrote and then put the music on again. Enter the same space once again, now with a clearer vision of where you are going.

  6. Allow yourself to enter the same space, using what you wrote as a guide.

  7. When the piece is over again, do a bit more writing and then relax.

Experiment 2: Drawing/Singing

  1. Take a piece of blank paper and a pencil

  2. Take yourself to a very relaxed space. You can use our Alpha CD or the Draining CD for that purpose.

  3. Once you feel very deeply relaxed, open your eyes.

  4. Take the pencil in your hand, and without any thought, draw a figure on the paper.

  5. Place your full attention of the figure that you just drew.

  6. Now sing a corresponding melody. (Remember: there is no "right" or "wrong" and that includes being "out of tune".)

  7. Repeat this process a few times.

Experiment 3: Hearing/Writing/Singing

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with a notebook and a pen.

  2. Put on one of the Ion Evo or Kyron CDs. 

  3. Without closing your eyes, as you listen, write down your own description of what's happening in the music. This can be a "visual" description, an "emotional" description, an "intellectual" description, a "physical" description or any combination of the above.

  4. When the piece ends, turn off the CD player.

  5. Read over what you just wrote. Read it carefully as if written by someone else, maybe some great teacher from ancient times, maybe some Atlantean entity.

  6. Now try to sing a melody that somehow fits the description you just wrote down.

  7. Return to silence. Breathe quietly a few times. Close your eyes as you do it.

  8. Open your eyes. Now read the piece again. Try to sing it again.

  9. Repeat steps 5-8 a few times.

  10. Relax and breathe.

Experiment 4: Reading/Singing

  1. Pick a books of short stories or of poems.

  2. Read a short story or poem aloud to yourself. Try to read it slowly, enunciating it clearly and following the flow of accents and intensity in the text with your voice.

  3. Close the book and close your eyes.

  4. Sing a melody that somehow reflects what you just read aloud. (Once again, and yes, we've said it many times, but it bears repeating: THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER! Simply sing what TO YOU, AT THIS MOMENT, reflects the text. You are the translator. However you translate it is correct, by definition.)

  5. Close your eyes again. Listen to the melody you were just singing, in your mind.

  6. Now sing it again. Try to somehow "perfect" it. (What does it mean to "perfect" it? You decide.)

  7. Close your eyes. Breath.


We are surrounded by a myriad messages, in all levels of frequencies and in all kinds of strange inhuman languages. We may develop the ability to translate these messages from one form to another, from one channel to another. In this way we become the vessel for unknown intelligence, for Beings that may or may not be "out there". (You can be sure that you are reading this, and that this is a message, but you can't possibly be certain of my "existence". Let's keep it that way. This is not a path of mental dogmas or blind faith in aliens, spirits, demons or angels. Let us be vessels, not loudmouths!) Speak the message with strength and conviction and then allow it to pass, allow the silence to come and a new message to arrive. Don't hold on to any "truths", simply perfect your skill with the transmission, what can also be called the Craft.

Group Experiment - Message Relay

1- Sit in a room with 2 other people. Each of you should have a pad of paper, some colored pencils, and some musical instruments if possible. If the room allows it, sit in a triangle with some distance between you.

2- One person writes a message on a piece of paper. This message should be composed of words, sentences, etc. The person walks over to the second person and hands over the message.

3- The second person takes the message and, in silence, translates it to a quick drawing. (This should be quick! The other people will be waiting!) The second person hands this drawing to the third.

4- The third translates the drawing into sound or poetry. Hands this back to the first.

5- Th cycle keeps on repeating. The only limitation is that the message can't be relayed using the same tools or form that it had when it was given to you.

This game can be played with more than 3 people, but people should be very fast in their relaying of messages. Otherwise the process would become very slow. The quickness actually helps in making sure that the translation is done by Essence and not by Intellect.

Group Experiment - Relay Creation

1- Send an email or write a letter to one of your shamanic collaborators. Include a phrase that is set apart from the rest. This single phrase is the start. It can be anything.

2- This person now takes this phrase and creates something with it... a poem? a painting? a song? a piece of instrumental music? a video? When the second person is finished they send their results to a third person.

3- The third person takes the piece of art and uses it as inspiration for a new work in a new form.

And so on. This can be done so that everyone at any given time is working on a new piece, by setting a time limit and a definite order of people. Or it can be done in a much more open ended way by simply letting the tendrils of influence and inspiration make their way across the many human connections around us.



Carrier Waves and Modulation

How a message is modulated into a frequency, the many carrier waves all around us, how to translate the many messages, (Quote from HP Lovecraft), the objective is to make speak the message of the high frequencies out loud



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