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The operation of a regular radio is very familiar to us under normal conditions. We step into a car, turn on the engine, turn on the radio itself,  turn the tuning knob, look for a familiar station and then sit back and listen to the information (sometimes in the form of music) that pours out of the speakers. What we will attempt to do here is much the same thing. Each step in the familiar process of using a regular radio has a correspondence in this process of creating a Shamanic Radio. As we step further into our experiments in this realm, the correspondences may become closer and closer.

For now, we can look at the basic materials and steps. The radio uses energy to be "turned on", a current flow has to be coursing through its innards in order for it to function for its more subtle applications to come into play. In the same way, in order to create our own radio, we will need to find a source of energy and we will have to learn to control it enough to make it turn our radio on and not blow it up!  The radio also has a tuner mechanism. This inner apparatus allows it to separate the desired frequencies from the ones that are not desired. Again, we will have to create and learn to operate a similar mechanism to augment the "signals" we wish for and to set aside the "signals" we don't want at this time.

(And by the way, all these "signals" are everywhere and yet they may originate "elsewhere". For now we can simply say that the signals we are trying to process through our Shamanic Mechanism are originating "elsewhere". Later on we may or may not wish to be more specific, but "elsewhere" is close enough for now.)

A regular radio also has several "amplifier" mechanisms, that turn the very weak signal that has been captured into audible "sound". In order for our Shamanic Radio to be truly functional we will need to create these mechanisms as well, to amplify these "signals from elsewhere" and make them available to the perceivers around us.

After all, what good is a radio if you can't hear it?

Throughout the book you will find a variety of Experiments. Even though they appear in a certain order (within each chapter and overall), they should not be seen as "sequential" (except in a few cases where this is explicitly stated). It is imperative for your understanding and practice of these ideas that you actually do these Experiments. There is no question that the experience of these states, processes and results will show you much more than book after book full of descriptions, ideas and theories. But the Experiments don't need to be perfomed in order. (In fact, one possible way that you can use this book after having finished it is as a kind of "random Experiment generator", opening it at random and trying the Experiment that you find there.) The Experiments and ideas in the chapters of the book refer to each other in many different ways and build upon each other even though not in a sequence. If you do one Experiment today, then come back to it after having tried several others, the first one will have changed and it will be a brand new experience waiting for you. This applies to the group Experiments as well. Set aside the idea of "mastering an Experiment", as if once the Experiment has been done "well" or "perfectly" there is no need to do it anymore. Instead look at them as doorways that lead to different places depending on when you try them.

Continuing with this theme, since these Experiments are "doorways" make sure you let them take you "elsewhere". After doing these Experiments (minutes, hours or even days after) you may get strange impulses to do certain actions that you wouldn't normally do. Don't supress them! (Unless they are highly dangerous ... then you're on your own.) If you suddenly find yourself making strange unexpected movements when you are alone, follow through. If you get an urge to go somewhere you haven't been, go there. If you want to visit a person you haven't seen in a while, go and see them. These strange little whims may be the results of your work. If you set them aside as "irrelevant" or "unrelated" you may be missing the fruits of your labor and it is no good to labor without fruits, is it? This also applies to group work. Right after a group Experiment "things" may happen. The usual roles of the people in the group may be changed, reversed or modified beyond recognition. Don't panic! Allow the new space to form and coalesce. Nothing is permanent. Allow this new configuration to be born, to live and die. These Experiments are intended to turn you on and set you free, as an individual and as a group. Don't run from the freedom you have invoked!

*  *  *

The following experiments are designed to prepare your system, as it is now,
to receive a transmission from somewhere else.

Experiment 1--Breath Flow

This technique can be used to prepare your system for an incoming

1- Sit comfortably, or recline if you choose.

2- Once you are comfortably seated, close your eyes and become aware of your
breathing. Notice both the frequency and depth of your breaths. Gradually
increase the depth of breathing while slowing down the rate. Do this at
your own pace to a point where you feel you are breathing at the most
relaxing pattern for you. Stop there.

3- Once you maintain you r pattern, begin to consciouly relax with each
breath. Each time you inhale, feel yourself drawing in calmness,
relaxation, and spiritual light. Every exhalation blows out pressure and

4- Maintain this focused breathing for 10 more breaths. Mentally direct
your body to relax and unwind. Hold in mind a time when you were completely
realxed and at peacy, as you breath in your rhythm, feel that same calm flow
through every fiber of your being.

5- After 10 minutes, open your eyes and note how you feel, compare your
inner sense of calmness with how you felt before you began.

The more you use this technique, the easier it will become to relax and tune
in with focused breathing. You will also notice that it will take fewer
breatsh to reach the same level of relaxation.

Exercise II--Draining the system

Exercise III--Droping the mask


Many of the experiments require a space where you can be alone, away from any disturbance and in silence (or with your chosen noise/music). Ideally, you will have a space that is completely devoted to this work and which can be used for this purpose exclusively. Such a space could be furnished in a way conducive to such experiments, all your tools would be at hand, it would be understood that you are not to be bothered while there, etc. BUT most of us don't have this special shamanic space. This should not be an obstacle in ANY way.  Create temporary spaces where your Shamanic work can happen. These can be outside, in a park or the beach, or inside, in your room, work room, living room, etc. Create the space in time as well as in space: make sure you won't be disturbed, turn off the telephone, cell phone, beeper, etc. Augment the space with other tools: candles, incense, music, special moveable furniture, etc. All of this can be placed and removed easily, in order to create a temporary shamanic work space that can be invisble to any visitors or to your own family or roommates. 

Above all, don't let any obstacle stop you from doing the experiments. If a particular experiment seems impossible to you at this time given your situation, change it slightly so that it becomes possible. Don't wait until the situation is "right"!!! The only element that makes the situation "right" is your will to do the experiment, and once this dissapears, the rest will mean nothing. This will can be gone in an instant, so don't waste it!

Experiment: "When I Think of Shamans, I..."

Make a firm pact with yourself that every time you think of shamanism, invocations, magic, etc you will make a very quick and small gesture with your right hand: a quick clockwise circle in the air. This can be done behind your back if there are people around, in front of you ceremonially when you are alone, with your free hand if your right hand is busy, with your head if both your hands are busy, with your feet if both your head and hands are busy... anyway, you get the idea. No matter what, as soon as you think of this, DO IT. Right then on the spot. Not "in a second". Right now. Yes, right. Start right now! No, not a "now" later. NOW!!!!

Keep this up for several days. Any time you start falling into a purely theoretical framework, come back to this experiment.

*  *  *

This takes us to the common idea of anchoring. An anchor is a heavy metal that is thrown in the water to keep the ship from going with the unpredictable currents. It keeps the ship static. In our case, an anchor is a small habit which, because of the karmic weight created through repetition, keeps a whole set of feelings, moods, abilities, and understanding anchored to a small gesture. The small gesture is what we call a "magical pass". It is a small and simple movement; small enough to be easy for us to do under most circumstances and simple enough to do automatically.

(Explain the basic ideas that we are to work with:

  • The reception of signals from elsewhere
  • The need for a structure for these signals to be received
  • The need for the structure to be turned on
  • The need to tune the structure / radio)





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