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Section 1: Signals

Radiations throughout the Universe

Electromagnetic Spectrum, the many forms that radiations take, matter as constrained Radiation, the relation between speed and frequency, timbre, beats and notes

Intelligence in the Universe – Magic vrs Science

Randomness, Information Rich signals, "Understanding a signal" ("Understanding as resonance"), the many brains, the assumption of supreme intelligence by science, the Universe itself as intelligent, intelligent radiation showers from the skies

Carrier Waves and Modulation

How a message is modulated into a frequency, the many carrier waves all around us, how to translate the many messages, (Quote from HP Lovecraft), the objective is to make speak the message of the high frequencies out loud

Different Universal Stations and Radio Bands

The many maps for the higher planes, the Gods of Santeria and the Greek Myths, our organs of perception, the chakras, the "higher perception organs"
Mythological and Metaphysical Maps as organization of frequency bands



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