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Eternal Flow

Just as the breath flows in and out of your body, renewing, activating and creating structures and processes, the Universe itself flows through cycles of creation, conservation and destruction. And so this process could be seen as the internal orbit of reality, the secret inner code by which all other constructs are designed and managed. An ancient doorway to wakefulness and invocation is to connect and HARMONIZE into these huge cycles, making their reverberations an essential part of who and what we are and, most importantly, what we DO. By allowing this endless repeating cycle to become an essential part of your work, you open yourself to the possibility of great intelligent energies (what used to be known as "GODS") to flow through you, to touch you, to change you and maybe to even BECOME you, for short periods of time. It all starts with touching at the edge of the secret code and allowing   its rhythm  to make you dance.

Experiment 1

  1. Go to you "work space", or any room, or the beach, or a lonely valley, and create a circle of about 10 to 15 radius. By "create" we mean anything from drawing a circle in the sand of the beach, to painting the circle on the wooden floor, to taking some salt or sugar and sprinkling it around you.

  2. Now place stones, large rocks, silver discs or any other kind of markers at the four directions.

  3. Stand at the western eastern marker and close your eyes. Breath deeply.

  4. Now, say the following word aloud, clear and strong: "BIRTH"

  5. Open your eyes. Walk slowly to the southern marker.

  6. Stand at the southern marker. Close your eyes. Breath deeply.

  7. Say the following word aloud, clear and strong: "LIFE"

  8. Open your eyes. Walk slowly to the western marker.

  9. Stand at the western marker. Close your eyes. Breath deeply.

  10. Say the following word aloud, clear and strong: "DEATH"

  11. Open your eyes. Walk slowly to the northern marker.

  12. Stand at the northern marker. Close your eyes. Breath deeply.

  13. Say the following word aloud, clear and strong: "TRANSIT"

  14. Open your eyes. Walk back to the eastern marker. Repeat the whole cycle 6 or 12 times.

  15. To end the sequence, stand at the Eastern marker and think "BIRTH" quietly, without saying it aloud. Slowly step out of the circle.

  16. Now erase all markings or remains of your work.

Experiment 2

Plan on doing this Experiment exactly for a week. Write it down somewhere and be aware of each day as it passes, maybe by marking off each day on a sheet of paper.

  1. Set two alarms for yourself. One for 6 a.m. and one for 6 p.m.

  2. At 6 a.m. stand upright and with eyes open.

  3. Say out loud in a clear voice: "I am born"

  4. Then go about your day in a usual way.

  5. At 6 p.m. stand again upright and with eyes wide open.

  6. Say out loud in a clear voice: "I die"

  7. Then relax and stop all activity until it's time to go to sleep.

Experiment 3

Spend a day in which every time you walk into a room you attempt to perform the following experiment:

  1. As you walk into the room (or any kind of enclosed space) imagine that the space is a new world that you are entering and which you are discovering for the first time. Mentally say to yourself: "I am born"

  2. As you spend time in the room, explore it (with your eyes at least, and maybe with all your other senses as well, if circumstances permit) as if you were a new born discovering a new land for the first time.

  3. When it comes time to leave the room, set aside all discoveries you have made and as you walk out, say mentally to yourself: "I die"




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