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The Flow of Electricity turns the Radio On

Once the radio has been constructed and all its parts are in place and functioning, it must be turned on in order for it fulfill its purpose. What turns it on? What changes it from a beautifully complex dead structure to a living being capable of transmission? The answer is simple yet mysterious: The flow of energy.

It must be specificied that flow is different from accumulation. This distinction may seem obvious but the two can easily become confused in practice. What we want is not to accumulate large amounts of energy in the Radio. For one thing, the large accumulation won't make the radio work. For another, it may hurt it or even destroy it! So we don't want an endless process of intake and storage, a massive stockpike "for the future".

We want the energy to flow through the radio: to come in and go out! More of it, faster, harder!

So we must be careful that for every intake there should be an equivalent output. Energy has a myriad forms and at least a few of them will be compatible with our particular radio. So we must form and maintain the inputs for these various forms of energy. But we must also form and maintain the outputs! This last part can easily be forgotten in the hubris of newly discovered energy... and this mistake can be fatal (metaphorically and literally).


1- Set your timer to 15 minutes. Turn on the radio. Have a pad of paper and a ped at hand.

2- Start the timer. For every full sentence or idea you receive from the radio, write something down. What you write can be a full sentence, a word or even a picture. But it must be something and you have to quickly go on to the next.

3- Continue doing this until the timer sounds.

You may have trouble hearing the new information while you write the previous sentence. Do it as quickly as possible and don't worry about spelling, making sense, etc. If you skip one anyway, go on to the next, but make your best effort to not skip any at all. Try this experiment with different kinds of shows (talk shows, news, songs, etc.) and see how the results vary. Most importantly, allow a part of your attention to focus on the flow of energy through your mind and body as you take in information and transform it.


1- Again set your timer to 15 minutes. Turn on the radio or the TV. Find the station or channel at random. Stand straight in the middle of the room.

2- Take a few breaths and start the timer.

3- For every sound, phrase or image on the TV make a movement with your body that responds, echos or somehow flows it. Continue to listen as you move so that you can be ready for the next move.

Try to have an uninterrupted flow of constant movement, a kind of uninterrupted improvisational dance interpretation of the flow of energy/information that comes from the radio or TV.

Group Experiment

1- Set the timer to 15 to 30 minutes. (Or play a single piece of music that lasts that long.)

2- Stand in a circle as a group. Each person should be standing up with both hands at their sides.

3- The leader starts by touching the right hand of the person to their left, squeezing then letting go.

4- This person should now visualize that energy moving up their arm, through their chest and down their left arm... as they reach to squeeze the hand of the person to their left.

5- Keep on flowing around the circle. Slowly speed up and then slow down until the music stops or the timer sounds.



The flow of electricity in a physical radio, where it comes from, how it moves through it and allows the other parts to work



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