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Freedom: An Introduction

The word "freedom" has been used in a variety of contexts, meaning something roughly similar but sometimes very confusing. A simple question when someone says "freedom" is to ask "freedom to do what?". What are we free to do? And what does it mean that we are free to do it? These are crucial questions when the word is used to define social institutions, laws, systems of goverment, education, etc. And the answers can go from somewhat clear to extremely confusing.

In our context, the word has a very specific meaning. We seek to be free to follow our True Will, both by ourselves and as part of a group (a complex radio formed of many individual organisms.) Once defined in this way, our purpose becomes twofold: to be able to find our True Will in any given situation and then to be able to follow through with what our True Will is asking us to do. Both of these present severe obstacles for any "normal" contemporary human being.

The first and almost insurmountable obstacle is that we may be under the impression that we already know what our True Will is and that we already know how to follow it. This may be true. If it is, and you know it is, then you have no need to work on any of this. But, in all probability, it isn't true and then your belief that you have something that you don't have can prevent you from ever obtaining it!

To get a grasp of what we are talking about, we begin by exploring the "mood of freedom". Once we can savor it, feel it when it is in the air, then we can begin to sense when it is there, when it is close and when it is nowhere to be seen.  Until then, it will remain a strange concept attached only to thoughts and rationalizations, with no reality of its own.



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