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The Rooms

Where the corridors are spaces of transition and movement, the "rooms" are stable areas where one can rest or work in a different way. A single place where you stand without movement can be explored in a deep way, journeying into the details of its outline, its shape, its landmarks, its mood. So you can see yourself radiating outwards, sending radar blips that come back to you from the space around you and forming a deeper and clearer understanding of where you are. A "room" can be used for work that would be unlikely or impossible in a corridor. You will slowly come to your own understanding of what this work entails and how it is different from the work you perform in a corridor. The following experiments will give you a taste and some guiding posts to what this work can be.

Experiment 1: Marking your territory

Look around you, and realize that you are SOMEWHERE. Decide what that “somewhere” is. Define its boundaries. Now, try marking the boundaries in different ways. For example:

You are in a room. Walk around and touch each of the walls. Look at the entries and exits from that room. Then do what you are here to do.

Lets say that you are outside. Look at some object in your periphery. Decide that spot is one of the boundaries in your space. Chose at least other three boundaries (let it be a multiple of four for the total of boundaries). Do something in that space.

When you are in a different space, put a mark in each boundary or wall. The mark can be a symbol, a stone, a candle, etc. Do something in that space.

Sit in a dark room. Define the boundaries in your inner space. Do something in that space.


Experiment 2: Overcoming the Momentum

Walk around an open area with many path choices. A park would be a good place for this. An open forest would be even better. If you can find a full size hedge labyrinth, even better!  You can also do this at your house (if it consists of at least 3 different rooms)

  1. Start in one space. Sit down and look around you. Feel your presence in that space. Continue until you feel, even for an instant, that you are fully present.

  2. Now stand up and move. Move through the "corridors" (as explored in the previous section) by making quick and definite choices until you come to a new place.

  3. Sit down. Now FEEL THE MOMENTUM. Feel that even though your body has stopped moving, your mind and other parts of you continue to move. You are now at rest but your being is still rushing forward.

  4. Sit down quietly, being in the new space, until you feel the general momentum dying down. Eventually move towards a full presence in the new space.

  5. Repeat the whole process a few times.

*    *   *

Sometimes the space you define becomes more and more solid as time goes by. It becomes so solid that you begin to feel it has its own reality independent of you. You forget you created this space. You forget you defined its boundaries. You begin to see that room—and by “room” I mean any space where you find yourself, it could be a situation, a job, a marriage, a career—as necessary for you. It could seem inescapable. This is a dangerous situation. You channeled the magic that made this room a reality. Now, that room is sucking out your magic. You are allowing it to eat your testicles like Zeus did with his father. When you see yourself becoming trapped like that, redefine the space.

Experiment - Slight Changes

  1. Go for a walk in the outdoors: a park, a beach, a mountain.

  2. Find a nice quiet space where you can sit for a while.

  3. Sit and examine the space all around you. Pay attention to all the details. Feel their relationship to each other. Feel how these details define the space and give a particular mood.

  4. Now stand up and make 3 small changes to the space

  5. Sit down and examine what happened. How did the space change?

As you explore further in this area, notice how the objects that are in the space and/or create the space exhibit a variety of contrasts. As you make changes, you may want to pay attention to these contrasts. Do you want to emphasize them? Look at relations of domination and submission between the objects. Look at the complete network of relationships. Take your time. Don't rush. Ultimately you will simply make 3 small changes. The heart of the experiment is in the observation that comes before and after you make these changes.

Experiment - Spontaneous Chamber

  1. Go to a place where there is a lot of noise, many people, many distractions,etc. In other other words, the kind of place you would usually avoid for these kind of experiments.

  2. Find your place in this space: the place where you feel most at ease and most centered.

  3. Now move around and make slight changes in the space to create a resonant chamber. These should be changes that would not be noticeable by anyone other than yourself and other shamans or such.

  4. Keep on making small changes until the space is now charged and stable.

  5. Quietly and quickly close your eyes and release the chamber. Walk away.




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