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Some Common Hiding Tricks of the Personality

Here are some fairly common tricks that the personality   can use to participate in an invocation (or attempt to) without truly being banished. This is of course a partial list. The personality has an infinite variety of strategies and masks that can offer an unending series of obstacles to the invocation. The ones we list here are just general descriptions. Each psyche will manifest them in a very particular way and may even come up with something altogether unique. When looking at this list, find the moments when you may have done these yourself. You will never be able to recognize them in (and work with) others unless you can recognize them in yourself.

1- Hiding in silence: Being in the invocation, with the group, but facing inward. Not interacting with the rest of the invocants or with the space itself. This can be seen as a strong protective wall around the individual. The psyche will try to make it appear as "concentration" or "deep trance". Don't let it fool you. It's just a game of spiritual hide and seek.

2- Hiding in talk: Constantly commenting on what is happening. Interacting with everyone without interruption. Making "wise comments" about everything that happens, has happened or will happen. Comparing it to past experiences. Making value judgements. Labeling each element of the invocation. All of this has the same ultimate effect as number 1: it creates a wall around the pysche. In this case the wall is made of words and "ideas".

3- Gossip: Recurringly finding fault in others in the group. Trying to figure out and then fix what is wrong with the others. Talking to one about the other one, with the apparent motive of "helping the group". Complaining about the actions of others.

4- Sluggish resistance: Going along with the actions of the group, but doing it in a very slow, tedious and/or passive manner. This has an effect not only on the individual's work but on the group as whole. The group is pulled away from its work either towards "motivating" this individual or "attacking" him or her. The personality still has a way of justifying itself "But I'm doing my work!"... which in fact is true.

5- Agressive work: Work that is done not in the spirit of cooperation or group aim but in an individualistic desire to excel or show everyone else what a good worker the individual is. The others perceive it but can't complain... after all, the work is being done and well! So the mood changes for the worse, either towards all out group competition or towards sluggishness on the part of the others.




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