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What does Movement Mean?

We will here explore a very simple idea: "movement". What does it mean? We are accustomed to one particular definition or conception of movement: the transfer of physical mass from one place to another. But we are here referring to a different kind of movement. In this kind of movement, we can "move" while physically staying in the same spot. This may seem like a very straightforward idea to some of you (specially some of you that already have had experience with "shamanic travel") but to others it may be confounding. This "non-mass" movement can be experienced as individuals (which will be our starting point) or as a group (which is our goal). At first we need to have a "taste" of what this movement feels like and how it can be accomplished, all in very small steps. Then later we can attempt more daring explorations up the dimensional elevator shaft.

Experiment 1

Stand in front of a door.  As you look at the doorway, realize you are about to cross a threshold.   You are going to leave the space you are in and arrive at another space.   Then, cross the door.  Look at the new space, and notice the differences in the ambient as well as in yourself.  Write them down.  Include any differences inside yourself, like mood, feeling, temperature, etc.

Now, go back.   Repeat.

Try a couple of different doors, trying to note the differences between spaces.

Finally, repeat the exercise as before, but instead of noting the spaces, take note of the moment in which you cross.  How does the space of "in-betweeness" differ from being in a space?

Experiment 2

  1. Sit comfortably.

  2. Look around you. Pay attention to details of your environment and of your own state.

  3. Make a quick run through your senses: what sounds, smells, sensations, colors, etc., are there around you and in you?

  4. Now, close your eyes.

  5. Inhale slowly. As you inhale, lower your chin until it rests on the top of your chest.

  6. Lock your breath for a few seconds by tightening your throat and your anus. Hold your breath in this position for a little while. Do not let it be uncomfortable. Be gentle.

  7. Slowly exhale as you unlock the throat and anus, and raise your head.

  8. Look around you. Pay attention to details of your environment and of your own state.

Pay attention to what, if anything, has changed.

Experiment 3

For this experiment you will need at least 3 or more CDs or records of very different music: jazz, hard rock, electronica, ambient, etc. Make sure they are very different from each other, and possibly include at least one that you wouldn't normally listen to.

  1. Start by standing in silence in the middle of a room. Notice everything about the room, about you, about your mood.

  2. Play the first CD and stand straight in the middle of the room.

  3. Close your eyes and allow your body to sway to the music. Allow the music to provoque visions in your inner eye.... let them flow as freely as possible.

  4. When the song comes to an end turn off the CD player.

  5. Stand in the silence and notice what has changed.

  6. Now play the next CD and follow the same process.

  7. When you are finished with all songs, stand in silence for a while. Then write a bit on "movement" and what is it that changes when you "move" in this way.

Experiment 4

Set your timer to 15 minutes. Take a few deep breaths before starting the timer. Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Start the timer. Feel the room close in around you. Imagine that the walls become like rubber and shrink more and more until they surround you and cover you completely. Maintain your focus on imagining this until it is a real event, the room has caved into you, you have become a small fragment of some vast ocean of rubber matter and there is no outside.

Now feel the rubber disolve and imagine that you emerge into a clear sky... no clouds, no distubances. Just you floating in an inmensity of blue sky. Remain there until the timer sounds.





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